An RY possessing knowledge beyond his years, Joey is a mysterious covert scientist who works from his tardis-like lab towards the lofty goal of (Ominous tone) TAKING OVER THE WORLD! He admits it’s a little Cliché, but hey, whaddaya gonna do? His methods are nothing if not extravagant; zombie armies; cranberry / brain switching devices; yoghurt based doomsday machines; the world’s first truly perfect bag of doritos, the list goes on and on.
Notably, he doesn’t care too much for the safety of his friends in respect to these projects.
The government keeps a pretty close watch on him, as do “other” organizations...

Themes: He enjoys a bit of Smooth Jazz, but for a more obvious choice “Weird science” by Oingo Boingo, Or Aphex Twin’s “Buciphilous Bouncing Ball”.

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